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$50k Challenge:
F$%K Those VC Suits!

Daily Number is built on the back of the hard earned cash and sweat equity of regular guys (and badass chicks!) that love to watch sports, drink beers, and make money!  If you have $50k to play with and share a similar DNA, reach out and learn how you can join our team of fun-loving degenerates who all have a one-way ticket to the moon!

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The Daily Number Family:
Investor Spotlight

Ryan M.

Ryan of Daily Number

Amateur surfer, professional wanderer. Spends part of the year in Costa Rica & part in Austin, TX. Enjoys fine wine and loose women. Spent his professional career in the analog mixed signal semiconductor space and is now semi-retired. Ryan’s life motto is best described by Hunter S Thompson: “When the going gets weird, the weird turns professional.

Joe Donovan

Joe D of Daily Number

When things get hot, Joe keeps his cool. Professionally, Joe owns and operates a Mechanical Contracting Company, but fancies himself a Fantasy Sports Guru. Joe’s dabbled in all of the fantasy platforms, including Fantasy Sports. Joe was overwhelmed at the ease of use and opportunity provided by Daily Number! Joe resides in Billerica, MA with his lovely wife and five strapping sons. The Donovans live by one rule: “If you ain’t first, you’re last!

JT Snow

JT Snow of Daily Number

13 yrs in the Major Leagues for four teams and has now been retired for 12 years, is an avid golfer and snow skier. When he’s not making double bogies or face planting down some of the best slopes in Tahoe, he’s following and playing DN on a daily basis. He and his wife Gina, who reside in Northern California love to travel, with Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas being their two favorite spots. They also love to cook and take pride in their all organic garden. JT thinks DN is the best, and most entertaining fantasy sports platform he’s ever seen. As an investor and daily player, JT can’t wait to set his lineup every day!

Jeffrey Hannah

Jeff H of Daily Number

Jeffery is an attorney that hails from Savannah, GA where he is considered to be a Pillar of the Community. However, as per the picture above, when you get him out of the country his actions abroad lend him to the title of international criminal. He is excited about this investment opportunity to fund his debauchery.

Greg Fisher

Greg F of Daily Number

When not feeling the need for speed, Greg is an investment banker by profession.  He’s worked with retail banks and finance companies for over 20 years and is finally ready to have some fun.  Greg thinks the opening of the U.S. sports gaming market is a huge opportunity and Daily Number is the best platform to introduce sports fans to the action.  Greg lives in Boston with his wife where she takes him to bed or loses him forever.

Scott Erickson

Scott E of Daily Number

After firing fastballs at Major League hitters for 15 years, Scott is now attempting to lose as many golf balls as he can around the world. An avid fantasy football player since 1995, he thinks the Daily Number is one of the greatest online gaming possibilities in the country and is very excited to be part of the team. The Daily Number will be the #1 online fantasy sports app and Scott plans on buying Martinis with his winnings.

VCs are Suits.
Change our mind.

Think we have a chip on our shoulder? You’re damn right we do. That said, we also pride ourselves on being open-minded and always challenging our point of view on the world. Here are some things to understand for any VC or institutional investor seeking to change our mind….

  • Your time is no more valuable than ours.
  • We do not care about your Harvard Business School degree.
  • Rules are just things made up by other people.
  • We’re never going to fit into your model.
  • We’re never going to respond to your junior analyst.
  • We expect you to be solution oriented, not simply problem identifiers.
  • Sometimes you just need to recognize a winner.
  • We don’t need your money.

Time for you to tap into your inner smack talk and get in on the action!

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Meet Kay Jay

Daily Number’s actual voice of reason

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Kay Jay of Daily Number